Are you are a business owner that already has an online presence but is looking for ways to increase your visibility and generate more leads and customers? Or are you are thinking of bringing your business online for the first time? In the following short article, I will share with you the main reason why you should consider using the services of an Mississauga SEO Company to help you achieve your goal of bringing more customers to your business.
So Why Does Your Business Need SEO In Order To Grow?
Mississauga SEO FirmThe answer in two words is….Free traffic!  If you have ever paid for traffic on the internet on Google Adwords or other similar services you will know exactly how expensive that traffic can be. In some cases, it costs as much as $50 or more per click when someone clicks your ad and those clicks can quickly add up to be a lot of money.

Paid traffic has its place in a sales funnel, for example, if you have built a website that converts very well for a specific niche customer using specific keywords and your profit per customer is high enough. Then using paid traffic and paying $10 or $50 per click is ideal and definitely worth it.

But unfortunately most local small businesses don’t have the kind of capital needed to perfect this type sales funnel so that it converts well on paid traffic. Also most small business just don’t have the time to implement and test until they find an online sales system that works especially when it costs money just to experiment.

It becomes even more difficult if you need to get hundred or even thousands of visitors to your websites everyday in order to generate good conversation rates and sales. In that case, free traffic is the way to go.  And free traffic comes from good search engine optimization and working with a good Mississauga SEO Company.

So where do you start? The first thing you need to do is good keyword research…

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the starting point of a good search engine optimization campaign; if you get this part wrong then everything else really will not make much of a difference for you.

The right keyword research will show you what search terms are relevant for you and your business. The more specific the keywords, the better it is for your business. Think about how you normally search for things online when you are browsing as compared to when you want to buy.

Mississauga SEO CompanyLet’s say you need some landscaping done on your yard. If you are just researching landscaping ideas you will type things like, “Landscaping for backyard” or “landscaping ideas” but if you need a landscaper in your area you are more specific, for example “affordable landscaper in Burlington, Ontario”. Can you see how different those two searches are?  As a business you need to target those people coming on the internet looking for what you provide and in a lot of cases they type in long search terms (commonly known as long tail keywords) which are very specific, just like what you would do if you needed a particular local service.

Long tail keywords will not give you a tonnes of traffic, but they will give you people who are looking to buy now, which I think you will agree is a lot better than general traffic for people who don’t need your product or services but are just curious and doing general research.

After keyword research the next important thing you or your Mississauga SEO Company will need to rank you local business website well is backlinks.

Building Backlinks

Building quality relevant backlinks to your website is a crucial part of your search engine optimization campaign. Google and other search engines like Yahoo, etc. use the backlinks pointing to your website as a measure of how popular and authoritative your site is.

Mississauga SEORemember that the main goal of search engines (as a business) is to sell advertising and the way they can do that is to make sure searchers like you and me find what we looking for when we search. But since they have no other way of knowing how authoritative a website is, they have to rely on other website to help them calculate the relevancy and authority.

For example, take a website like, a lot of other websites will backlinks to the stories and videos that CNN produces on a daily basis. The more backlinks coming from millions of websites around the world means that if you type into Google a general term like “news”, CNN is one of the websites on the first page of will return popular Canadian news site that are determine largely by relevant backlinks as well.

So it is important for you to get relevant backlinks to your website to raise the authority and popularity of your website. A good starting point for getting backlinks is to simply place your link on other web properties that your company has, like Facebook, Yelp Profiles, and YouTube etc. These backlinks are only a good start but to really see changes in your rankings most SEO experts will agree that you need more backlinks than that, especially backlinks coming from other authoritative website in your niche.

It’s not possible for me to cover all the details of backlinking and anchor texts in this short article simply because the subject is too vast. However, remember that relevant backlinks to your website are an important factor in determining how well your rank for your desired search terms.

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