Adwords Lead Generation Campaign For Law Firm

Adwords Lead Generation for Professional Services

Client Background

This project was a Google Adwords lead generation campaign for a mid-size family law firm in Ontario, Canada.

The client had been running Google Adwords campaigns for a few months but they were not getting the results they were expecting.

The client also knew, from speaking with prospects, that Adwords had produced some results but they didn’t know which campaigns were responsible for those results and how to get more.

They wanted:

  1. To determine if their campaigns where set up correctly.
  2. To determine what was working so they could do more of it.
  3. To reduce costs and only spend money on what produced qualified leads.

Project Scope

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Review the existing marketing funnel and find opportunities for improvement.
  2. Review the Adwords account to see if it could be restructured to improve efficiency, quality score, etc.

Project Details

Set up Landing Pages

After reviewing their currently lead generation funnel, it became apparent that they didn’t have one.

They were simply sending all their traffic to the home page of their website and hoping for the best.

Our first step was to create two high converting landing pages to use instead of their home page.

Landing pages work well because they limit the options available to a prospect to either calling or sending an email.

By limiting the number of options to the ones you want, you increase the chances of the prospect taking the action you want them to take.

Adwords lead generation

Call Tracking

We also noticed that they were not tracking phone calls.

43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone and 70% of mobile searchers call a business directly from search results.

This is because it’s easier & quicker to setup an appointment or get a quote over the phone, so call conversions are a critical metric for tracking and optimizing lead generation campaigns.

We used Call Rail and linked their Google Analytics account with the Adwords account so that we could pass call data back and accurately track the campaigns and keywords that caused the phone to ring.

Correct Campaign Setup

After reviewing the account history, it became clear that their Adwords account was not structured properly for best results.

Over 90% of their clients came from within a 50 mile radius of each of their two offices, yet they were targeting the whole country.

The first thing we did was to geotarget only around their geographic area. This one step will significantly reduce wasted ad spend.

Secondly, the campaigns and ad groups were not as tightly themed as they could be and they were not utilizing proper keyword targeting and bid optimization strategies.

We rebuilt the campaigns for each office and themed them around related search terms and bid differently for each match type.

Better Ads

The last step was to write better ads.

We looked at 10 of their top competitors based on ad spend and studied the most common ads they had run over the last 12 months.

We used Spyfu and SEMRush to gather this data. From each ad, We analyzed the headline, the call to action, the offer and the display URL. Then we selected the best pieces to build our ads.

We also activated all the available ad extensions that Adwords provides, this way, the ad takes up as much “real estate” as possible and stands out.

Google ads with an address and phone number usually perform better that those without because prospects can easily see how far your business is from their home or office and even make the call right off the ad.


The campaign was run for a few weeks so that we could gather enough data before making any decisions.

Since we were now tracking phone calls as conversions, we were able to see which keywords were not producing any phone calls and pause those immediately.

We were also able to see that the cost per lead from mobile users was half that of desktop users.

So we increased our bids for mobile traffic so we could get more of those “cheaper” leads.

These optimizations would not have been possible without tracking phone calls as conversions.


A successful Adwords campaign for a local professional service business needs to have a high converting landing page and call tracking set up.

You also need to only be targeting the geographic area around your business, especially if your clients need to see you in person.

Lastly, checking what your competitors are currently doing will give your campaign a leg up. You can learn from their mistakes, model their best practices and produce something a little better to give you a competitive edge.

Once the campaign is setup and running, you measure its effectiveness using call conversions.

The majority of your leads will be phone calls (with a small amount being emails) so including call conversions allows you to accurately determine what’s working and how you can get more of it.