Case Study – Cosmetic Surgery Practice

Case Study - Cosmetic Surgery Practice


Client Background

We were approached by a medical practice specializing in elective plastic surgery procedures, namely rhinoplasty (nose jobs), breast augmentation, and butt lifts.  They had been running Adwords through a couple of other agencies, but were not getting the results that they were expecting or the attention they required.

Their main goal was to attract people that were interested in their procedures to the website and have them complete the consultation request form.

Project Scope

Our approach consisted of the following steps:

  1. Review the existing account to determine ways in which the account could be restructured to improve efficiency. In many cases, poor performing accounts are not built in a way that ensures you are getting the most of your spend and/or are not being properly optimized.
  2. Identify advertising methods that were currently not being utilized and recommend ways in which the campaign can be expanded in order to achieve best results.
  3. Review the exiting website and make recommendations on how the user experience can be improved in order to maximize the opportunity for conversions.

Project Details

After reviewing the account history, it became apparent that the Adwords account that was running was not properly structured for best results. Campaigns and ad groups were not as tightly themed as they could be and they were not utilizing proper keyword targeting and bid optimization strategies.  In order to improve the quality of the data and the efficiency of the campaigns, we rebuilt the accounts following our internal best practices.

We also suggested to the client that direct search was perhaps not the only way to get in front of their target audience.  As a result, a display campaign was created which allowed us to proactively target users in their area that fit certain criteria i.e. users that had visited other sites that were related to their services or users who fit their target demographic.

Finally, we also recommended that a branded campaign be created as it was likely that the practice’s name and even the doctor’s name was something that people were likely searching.  Having a branded campaign is important as it ensures that top position can be maintained in both paid and organic rankings which supports the brand’s strength and user perception.


Since rebuilding and taking over management of the campaigns, the Client’s cost per lead has been reduced by 55% compared to the 9 months prior.

In addition, as a result of a more efficient campaign, the client has twice approved budget increases to the account which has resulted in the overall volume of monthly leads to triple.


Client Feedback

The Client is extremely pleased with the productivity of their AdWords campaigns.  Not only have CPA, conversion rate and overall leads increased, but so too has the rate at which the appointments booked are turning into surgical procedures as a result of the quality of the leads combined with the overall identity and reputation of the business.

“Quality leads are critical to our business growth.  With the increase in leads from Adwords we’ve been able to expand our practice and develop new services.”  RZ – Marketing Director *


* We have a signed non-disclosure agreement in place with this client and so full names are withheld in respect of this agreement.